Rent your plot for $55/year (a steal!) and enjoy gardening in your 4' x 8' section of the Fairmount Southside National Historic District. 

Let us know if you need help watering, harvesting or weeding!


3/14/2020 10a -12p noon

Bring your winter planting & Bed Maintenance stuff - and ALL Your own drinks and snacks

Follow Social distancing and anti-transmission rules. Don't use contact greetings - wave or nod, wash hands frequently, don't go out & about if feeling poorly - & definitely avoid others if exposed to a COVID-19 sufferer or carrier 


We Garden! Join Us! 

​Don't forget to buy your FCG t-shirt! They're awesome!  ​ 

Early Summer Harvest thanks,SWMC for the photos.   

ECO- Friendly

 Insect Hotel!

Photo credit to former FCG Board Member Rebecca M.

Thanks, Rebecca! 

Non-mammalian Compostable materials are welcome - but we want to remind our generous, eco-friendly neighbors and gardeners to Follow the Signs aka Composting Rules.  Small pieces only!  & If a bin is covered, it's just sitting there, cooking/fermenting/incubating, waiting to be the Green version of Black Gold.  Don't add to covered bins! if you need advice! 

Fairmount​ Community Garden

1504-1510 5th Ave FW TX 76104 

In the Fairmount Southside National Historic District of Fort Worth, Texas

We still love the shed donated by the Runnels-Richters and appreciate their generosity! 


Contribute to the Fairmount Community Garden with your own plot(s), and by volunteering your time and energy to FCG projects. Meet your neighbors and enjoy the food you grew yourself! 

Get Your Autumn On!

Organic Practices and Earth-Friendly gardening habits ensure that your home-grown (Fairmount Community Garden- grown) produce is as healthy as it is delicious. Food can't get more locavore than this. 

2020 Rental Season is Open.Online Rentto Select & Pay for your plot(s).If a plot appears to be cared for, do not garden in it!  Check with FCG to confirm the plot is actually yours!