Fairmount​ Community Garden

1504-1510 5th Ave FW TX 76104 

In the Fairmount Southside National Historic District of Fort Worth, Texas

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4' x 8' plot, dirt, seeds, plants - grow! 

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Weedwhack or Mow

Work on the Compost

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RSVP: fairmountcommunitygarden@gmail.com

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Let us know! info@fairmountcommunitygarden.org

Fairmount Community Garden is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing public space for community agriculture. Questions? Comments? Interested in leasing a plot for planting? ​ Contact info@fairmountcommunitygarden.org

Water is Provided & Amendments are ordered as needed.  

Gardeners donate 2 hours of time per month to keep FCG beautiful and running smoothly.  


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Thank You, Jo DuFo, for our 2016 Logos & T-shirt art!